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About Groundwork Mishima


Groundwork's origins can be traced back to the late 1970s when the Countryside Commission was faced with the physical decline of communities throughout the UK. The first Groundwork Trust was established in Merseyside in 1981 and strived to build sustainable communities through joint environmental action, based on the belief that bettering neighborhoods can also lead to socioeconomic prosperity.


The focal point of Groundwork UK is its trusts, which employ highly-trained staff who work with locals to regenerate and revitalize their surroundings in these 6 main areas: community, land, employment, education, business and youth involvement. The Groundwork Federation currently includes about 50 trusts in the UK.


In Japan, Groundwork was first introduced in 1992, and later Groundwork Mishima was established as a product of the city's waterside regeneration initiative. Boosted by the new partnership of 8 civil organizations, local government and companies, Groundwork Mishima has since actively promoted international exchange. Most notable is that with Groundwork Oldham & Rochdale, a trust active in the birthplace of Groundwork in Northwest England, which lead to a partnership agreement in 2003.


Groundwork Mishima is committed to the improvement and regeneration of more than 50 project sites throughout Mishima City. Projects include the regeneration of the polluted Genbe River, propagation of the aquatic plant Mishima Baikamo, firefly restoration and the establishment of biotope gardens in schools.


As the effectiveness of these partnerships became increasingly apparent, the Groundwork approach spread throughout Japan. The Japan Groundwork Association was established in 1994 with the signing of a memorandum of understanding with Groundwork UK.



Biotope nature gardens

Natural biotope garden

Genbee River

Genbe River

Pocket park

Pocket park

Mishima Baikamo

Mishima Baikamo


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